Friday, November 30, 2018

Intro + Pre-Production Has Begun

Hello! My name's Conner, and I make videos on Youtube and Newgrounds under the name littlbox.

In September and October, I worked on this script for a feature film based on an idea I came up with my freshman year of high school. The plot goes something like this...

A group of high schoolers form a rock band that absolutely sucks. However, the drummer of the band, who is both competent and disillusioned with the band's suck level, signs them up for the school talent show, forcing the band to actually rehearse, creating tension amongst the once good friends.

It was originally called The Amateurs, but that was soon dropped when I learned that was an already existing movie about porn starring Jeff Bridges. For a short period I called it Our Band Sucks. Now it is Talentless, at least for the foreseeable future.

I've been spending all of November getting the ball rolling on pre-production. I've been able to secure locations in and around my old high school for shooting in January, and yesterday I've gotten several students in my school's drama club to sign up for auditions, which will take place either Tuesday or Thursday this upcoming week.

So, seeing as how things are finally starting to happen, I'm starting this production blog to keep whoever's interested informed (and myself organized) on what is going on.

I'm very excited about this movie, and I hope you'll stay tuned into the making of this strange new project of mine.

- Conner

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