Friday, December 14, 2018

Roadblock #1: Location and Callbacks (+ New Youtube Video)

Woohoo! Our first problem has appeared!

The location at which I am planning on shooting the vast majority of the movie (the bandroom of my old high school) is going to be unavailable soon. I was aware of this when starting pre-production, as several of the staff told me that the building the bandroom was in would be shutting down for renovations.

The only thing is, nobody knew when.

I've heard both January and February from several different sources, but no precise date.

It's extremely important that I know exactly when the bandroom is shutting down; that way I can schedule the movie around said renovation. So I've been calling the school several times, but to no response. I think they're out for the day for whatever reason, and I'll probably not get a response until Monday.

I'm also having some difficulty scheduling callbacks.

Grant and I looked over the auditions the other day, and have agreed to callback all six auditionees. The main reason I wanted to schedule callbacks was so that Grant, my co-producer, could be able to interact with these auditionees as well. However, he has opted out of the whole audition process, stating work as an excuse.

To make things more difficult, winter break is right around the corner, so there's very very little chance that I could schedule these callbacks this month. So I'll probably have to postpone them until next month.

Which leads me back to making sure the bandroom I want to shoot in will be secured for the shoot in time.

So that's what's happening right now. This'll all be resolved. Not immediately, unfortunately, but it will be resolved.

In the meantime, check out my new Youtube video, THE TOILET MAN:

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