Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Roadblock Resolved(?) & Audition Update

Before, I mentioned my roadblock of securing the bandroom of my old high school as a shooting location. The problem is that the building the bandroom is in is due to be shut down for renovations, but I couldn't figure out exactly when. I had heard February from some people, January from others.

Finally, I got in touch with the school on Monday, and asked one of the administration for the date the building would be shut down.

The response was a definite "I don't know."

Apparently, said renovation plans are in limbo, and no date has not been definitely set.

"So, for all you know, this could in May?" I asked.
"Yes," she responded.

So, unless I hear otherwise, I'm going to pretend that this plan is not going to interfere with my own shooting schedule.

Audition-wise, Grant (co-producer) and I held an informal audition for one of our friends on Saturday, and he did really well. So, please welcome to the cast, Mr. Grant Blevins!

Grant Blevins, in the flesh.

Grant Griffin -  co-producer, actor, serious man

I also tried auditioning someone I knew for one of the main roles, but he opted out at the last second, citing personal problems. Though it's probably for the best, it'll be hard to find someone else to carry on that particular role.

So that's where I am right now. 

Keep a healthy diet!

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