Monday, January 28, 2019

Camcorder & Missing Role

Sorry for the delay, but it's been a VERY busy two weeks.

I'm finally jobless! My last day was last Tuesday, and now I am free to start focusing more on this project.

I've used $153.61 of the budget to buy a Hi8 camcorder and tapes from eBay. I've tested the camera more than a few times, and it's looking great! There are a couple of technical things I still have to perfect, but I'm really excited to start using this thing!

I was advised that using a digital camera and converting it to Hi8 or VHS would probably be best, since these older cameras do have their quirks. Unfortunately, the only other digital camcorder I have (that ISN'T DSLR; that would be a dead giveaway) has it's own digital quirks. Besides, these Hi8 quirks are something I really do count on. If I wanted the footage to be perfect, I would be using another digital camcorder. But I'm really cashing in on having this film be as genuine-looking as possible.

I do have another setback, unfortunately. I only have one major role left to cast, and then I can start rehearsals. So far, I've had no luck casting this role. The people I've gone to to fill this role have all stepped away.

That's why this week, my biggest priority is finding someone to fill this role. Once I get that done, we can go at a much quicker pace.

I also worked on the set of a short film this weekend as a PA of sorts. It was a skeleton crew of about 18 people, but it was the biggest crew I've ever worked with. Combine that with the fact that I knew nobody there, and the experience was even more interesting. Everyone was really cool, especially the director and DP, with whom I hope to keep in contact with.

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