Monday, January 14, 2019

Music for the Film

Yesterday, I demoed a few songs for the film with my friend Drew (who is also playing one of the main characters). We quickly wrote and recorded these songs for the band in the movie, so needless to say they're pretty bad, with such titles as "I Am A Cheeseburger" and "That Special Kid In Class (Showed His Ass)".

As much as I'd like to share the god-awfulness of these demos with you guys, I'll wait for y'all to witness them for yourselves when the movie comes out. However, I can share with you a band that has probably been the biggest inspiration for both the nature of the music and the movie.

Sockeye was an Ohio band from the late 80s-early 90s that recorded music so obscene and shitty that it spawned an entire subgenre: "tardcore". With titles like "Blob of Cum", "Yo, Me Gusta Cum", and "One Hundred Story Building Drowning In Cum", it's hard to resist. Imagine early brown Ween, only completely brown because it's covered in feces.

This kind of immature amateurism and complete disregard for political correctness is nearly impossible to find nowadays, yet is central in being a stupid teenager. And that's the kind of spirit I want to showcase in this movie.

BY THE WAY, I made a new Lip Heads short that you can view here:

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